Then and Now

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It has been 5 years since my last update. My life has changed quite a bit since then, same goes for my interests. My love for Morning Musume and Hello! Project as a whole had been dwindling even before I disappeared from the fan community. I discovered the wonders of Kpop and devoted a good amount of time to that, but in the end that didn’t last. The many responsibilities of life took over quickly. I had no time to be spare for any fandom.

It’s been nearly 3 years since Eri’s graduation. Now Reina’s graduation is fast approaching. It never hit me until now. Nearly all of the members I had grown to know and love are now basically gone from the group. After Reina graduates, I will only know their current leader, Michishige Sayumi. I don’t know the names of anyone past 8th generation. I became a fan when 6th gen were still fresh faces. My era of fandom is gone.

So why am I here now? I realized that no matter how I think about it, what has changed in my life, I will always have a soft spot for Tanakamei. I will always remember when Takahashi Ai led Morning Musume with incredible strength. I will always subconsciously sing Morning Musume songs to myself when I’m alone. I will always, always miss the turtle and yanki. This is why I never had the heart to close down this blog (it will continue to stay open). To the pair with the most colorful personalities and the combined beauty of  infinity, I salute Tanakamei.


Happy 20th Birthday, Eri! [12.23.08]

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Does she have THE most beautiful smile or what?
Best wishes to our lovely Kamei-chan.

Kamei Eri 7th photobook [20Hatachi] (Cover)
Release date: 12/23
Free Image Hosting at

Up To Boy scans:
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Tanaka Reina “Very Reina” PB Previews + Pepper Keibu EVENT V + Others

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Release Date: 10/24/08
Purchase: Yesasia

Tell me that isn’t just the greatest mixture of cute, sexy and cool. Reina + Goth lolita = ❤ ❤ ❤!!! Not too sure about the…presstogetherofthechestarea part. So far so good! I am so looking forward to this photobook. I am actually going to order a copy right now and you should too (well, if you get a chance to)! My wallet hates me with a passion haha. Oh, just to let people know (I had just paid for my order), yesasia is slow (really obnoxiously slow). So if you’ve got quicker ways of getting it, go for it.

– – – – – – –


(Click titles to download)
1. Pepper Keibu (Another Ver.)
2. Pepper Keibu (Takahashi, Kamei, LinLin Close Up Ver.)
3. Pepper Keibu (Niigaki, Kusumi, Mitsui Close Up Ver.)
4. Pepper Keibu (Michishige, Tanaka, JunJun Close Up Ver.)

Credits: H!O Tracker
(Note: After I had finished uploading, I realized that I might not be allowed to reupload these files. If that is the case, let me know (nicely) and I will take them down.)

– – – – – – –

Stuff that came in the mail recently…

Morning Musume 2009 calendar. Very lovely~! Bigger than what I had imagined…but I’m not complaining. One of the main reasons why I bought it, was for the two small Tanakamei pics on the “November and December” page. Yes, you can say that’s weird and perhaps pointless, but overall it’s a good calendar to have. I love how they made it “collectors friendly”. By that, I mean the pages detach quite easily (it appears) when you go to switch months, that way you’ll end up with many posters~! Not that I need anymore posters with the direction I’m heading. The second copy will be used to whack anyone in the face who tries to steal the first copy. No, I’m kidding…it’s someone’s xmas/b-day present. But I bet it would work!

(Ai, blank, ReinAi, 07 Tanaka (Reina Tanaka), Tanakamei)

I had some cute little custom buttons made. They’re each 1inch buttons, so they’re definitely blown up in that pic. The blank one in the middle is actually not blank, but I decided it was best to cover it up to avoid copyright problems (or whatever). I have 10 of each (50 total). Not sure what I will do with them, right now I just put them on everything I wear haha! Perhaps I will give them out in the future if people are interested? But definitely not like, “Hey, have this” for no reason. Oh well, we’ll see. They’re shockingly well done for such a low price, yay bargins (I’m a cheap-o)!

Well, keep the Tanakamei love alive! OTSUKAREINA~~!! *Ahem* yeah…I won’t do that again.


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It’s been a long time since my last update. I guess I just took a break (to put it lightly). But hopefully, I will update more often from now on. Gotta keep the Tanakamei love going~~~! Although Tanakamei love doesn’t seem too lonely anymore because– well, it’s probably just me, but I’ve discovered more and more Tanakamei fans these days (on forums, sites, etc). So even if I disappeared some more, it wouldn’t matter…so I’m just gonna leave now…Just kidding. Honestly though, it wasn’t cause there wasn’t enough Tanakamei fans, it was just me not looking hard enough. But I will make my contributions to keep the love alive nonetheless.

I’ve made some small updates:
– Updated the Photo Gallery with new pics and a new section. I always feel so spazzy when I find a new (or old Tanakamei) pic that I haven’t saved. It’s like if your hobby was collecting rare flowers that bloomed once every three years.
– I’ve deleted all of the dead Haromoni@ DL links and added the link to the final episode. I’m not sure what I will do with that page. I might just leave it as it is. The episode is hosted on Megaupload, so it will last a long while.

That’s it for now~!

High-King Single Covers + CM + Kindai Scans

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Limited Edition w/DVD

Regular Edition


Kindai Scans (Thumbnail):
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

From the CM, you can get an idea of what the PV will look like, as well as the choreography. So far, so good~! The choreography is a bit slower than I had imagined, but nonetheless not bad. Also the PV doesn’t look ridiculously cheap. I’m very much looking forward to this!!


FULL PV (LQ Cellphone vid)~!
(Credits to ampedechoz @ JPM)

High-King – C/C (Cinderella/Complex) (LQ Radio Rip)

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(Credits to ampedechoz @ JPM)

So far as good! In my opinion, it’s a catchy song and I just know the HQ rip will be awsome. Hard to make out people’s voices, but as guessed by many, Ai-chan and Reina are leads. No kidding about the “gotta have a sense of rhythm” thing, the beat is crazy. I just cannot wait to see the choreography (I’m expecting lotsa back flips and aerial stunts Jk)! ENJOY!

Morning Musume – Resonant Blue Event V (Event DVD)

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RESONANT BLUE PV (One Cut Dance Shot Ver.)



*DVD was available at the Resonant Blue event.