First Post!

Hello and welcome to Tanakamei, the blog version of my Tanaka Reina and Kamei Eri fansite, TANAKAMEI (which I’m pretty sure is now offline, read more about it in “About”).

Trying to think of what to post for this “first post”.

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Morning Musume released their 35th single, “Mikan” recently on the 21st. It sold around 28k within its 1st week, with a weekly ranking of #6 (they debuted at #5) (Oricon). A big ouch if you ask me. Not that big, but I can speak for most of us, when we wished or thought they could of done better. Blame the tough competition that week.

01. Mikan
02. Bonkyu! Bonkyu! BOMB Girl
03. Mikan (Instrumental)

Buy: Yesasia | Cdjapan

If you have not listened to it yet, give it a try. Very uplifting song, awsome b-side. It’s almost like the second coming of Aruiteru, but upbeat. If you enjoy it, BUY IT. My copy should be shipped soon (Nakashima Mika’s Hitori is dragging it down). Single comes in three editions (DVD, booklet, regular). Got myself the booklet version. Know what’s one of the hypes going around for this single is? The randomly selected photocards that comes with each copy of the single. You get one photocard randomly selected from 10 different designs (it’s a limited first press thing it seems, hope I made it). People are either anxious waiting to see who they end up with, clapping with glee for getting the member they wanted or looking like a sad clown for getting something unwanted. There’s even a thread on JPM regarding this matter. Which cards might I want?

Reina or Eri’s of course! As I had only purchased one copy, I won’t be able to have my chance at both. I have the worst luck, so I’ll really settle for anything but one member. I won’t say. Look how beautiful those cards are! I wish everyone luck, who are still waiting for their copies of the singles.

I’m sure anyone who have listened to “Mikan” already have viewed the PV. The adorable PV! Lots of CG, green screen, all that stuff. But it looked pretty good. Reina and Eri was so gorgeous!

Look at little Reina and Eri! In case people are confused, Reina wasn’t born with super curly hair. She mentioned in her episode of Futarigoto that she had gotten a perm. Isn’t little Eri just the cutest?! They both grew up to be very beautiful (on an obvious note). The edition of the single that came with the DVD includes a close up version of the PV. It’s basically just the shots in the first row. So cute and pretty, it’s a must watch.

Well that’s how I basically do things around here. I talk a hell lot. Feel free to drop comments or ideas regarding this post or the next.


~ by Revvie on November 29, 2007.

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  1. Waaaaaaaa thank you SO MUCH for that download, I’ve been looking everywhere for it! That alone is enough to make me come back to this blog from now on. :3

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