Haromoni@ [12.02.07] Review + Download

Time for my review of this week’s episode of Haromoni@ (12.02.07), from a non Japanese speaking (tanakamei loving) viewer’s point of view. I know it’s not much help to anyone looking for a good translated summary of the show. But here are my two cents!

This week, Morning Musume (Aika, JunJun, LinLin and Koharu are not present) start the show off in Kyoto!

(Look at Eri clinging onto Reina <3)

(Being no longer able to stand Akachin’s rude remarks, Aichan gets ready to chuck him down to the wild tigers waiting eagerly below.)

Cold, cold Kyoto. Having to wear shorts and mini skirts wasn’t helping. They stay in this scene for a short time before jumping over to Nintendo, where the girls are presented with Gaki-san’s Mii (custom character you make on the Wii system) recreated from that one specifc HM@ ep that I totally forgot the date of (ma bad). The girls are told that they will each get to create their own selves to share with the viewers!

(Eri made a comment regarding the mouth Reina chose for her Mii. Something about resembling. It was supposibly funny, but of course, I was clueless lol. So look out for that.)


Eri. You can’t tell it’s her, but it’s cute.

Ai. Looks a tad too old.

Reina. The smirk’s the only thing I will really say resembles her.

Risa. Dead on, Gaki of the past. Check out the mayuges!

Sayumi. With the mole, you can tell it’s Sayu. Take out the mole and it’s Aibon lol.

Introducing Wiifit! The girls will now put their Miis to action as they get to try Wiifit, using the Wii Balance Board. They each take turns testing out their “central balance” (dunno the exact term for this), which then reveals their “Wii fitness age”.

(For the balance calculating to work, you stand on the balance board like a scale. 50/50 is perfect. Go Reina!!)

(Reina lived up to her real age by having the youngest fitness age out of the bunch. Yay for Eri coming in 2nd. LOL @ Sayu.)


Next, the girls verse each other in Wiifit games.

(Aichan vs. Sayu in “The headbutt soccar balls while avoiding flying shoes game”)

(Gaki-san vs. Eri in “Hula Hoop game”)

Eri being the strange Erien bean sprout (now I’m just being strange) that she is, noticed some of the movements required for the hula hoop game resembled some of MM’s dance moves. To be specific, Mikan and Odore! Morning Curry, as you can see from the caps above.

To be continued (next week):

(Reina vs. Aichan in “Roll the ball ver. of yourself down a hole game”)

The Wii advertising will continue next week.

MM character Mii codes:
Takahashi Ai
Niigaki Risa
Kamei Eri
Michishige Sayumi
Tanaka Reina
Source: Haromoni@ website

Next segment is Kirarin Revolution Collaboration (dunno what the real title is). Aika was chosen to play the voice of Guro, Na-san’s enemy in Kirarin Revolution. Sayu and Aika enter the studio, where they watch Koharu do her thang (with the voice acting and all). Then it’s Aika’s turn.

(Guro, designed by Sayu and redrawn by Kirarin Revolution people. Sorta cute lol.)

(Aika cut her hair!)

Insert ONGAKU GATAS’ Yattarouze! performance.
That’s it for this week. Next week, Wiifit “adventure” (lol) and Kirarin Revolution Collaboration continues!

I give this episode a 4/5!

DOWNLOAD Haromoni@ (12.02.07)
Credits to Lovemusic @ JPM (reuploaded by me)

~ by Revvie on December 3, 2007.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It was soooooooo funny. And great screencaps too. The girls all looked gorgeous ^^ I hope there will be more to come 😉

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