Ramble, Ramble.

When I have a place like this to ramble about Tanakamei, I can’t seem to think of something to write about. When I’m without a place like this, I have plenty to say. Don’t you hate that?

This video is more of a KameShige thing, than a Tanakamei thing…but 6th gen is just the cutest!

It’s always fun to see members when they were young. Just look at those three there and then think about them now. They’ve all grown up to be so beautiful and have improved so much in many aspects.

6th gen pics!

My copy of MM’s Mikan arrived yesterday! Sadly to say, I was not lucky enough to receive a Reina nor Eri card. I got JunJun instead, BUT I’m good with that, I like JunJun.

Crappy webcam shot:

In the words of Reina, “people, people, people”, please purchase a copy of this single to support MM (when you get the chance)! So far, sales have totaled 35k…not very pretty, huh? Make sure to go and pick up their next single, if not this one (whenever that comes out lol).

I took an hour or two out of my life to scan the booklet that came with the limited B ver. of the single (the one I got, obviously). These are LQ – MQ scans, not sure which catagory they belong in. My scanner is crap lol. Scans of the CD jacket, container (box) and the JunJun photocard are also included.



Very nice pictures. Fun and refreshing, with the cute group “party” pics. I really don’t need to say this, but I LOVE Reina’s outfit– well, everything really. She looks so awsome. Eri is as cute as ever.

If you would take a look to your right, you will see that I have added two new pages. Haromoni@ and Reina Panda & Erien Kame. Go ahead and take a look. I will probably add more pages later to hold other things.

A review for the recent HM@ (12.09.07) will be coming soon!


~ by Revvie on December 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Ramble, Ramble.”

  1. The video is so CUTE!

    As are the photos!
    I’ll order Mikan…when I get money. T.T

  2. I bought this! I didn’t like the song all that much but I couldn’t not do anything about the horrid sales. I got Koharu btw.

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