Kameimas Talk & Youtube Vids~!

So, as most of you Eriens might know, Eri‘s birthday is coming up on the 23RD! Kameimas is basically that. It is a Kameism holiday celebrated by Kameists. Which brings me to share this site with you folks:


Eri‘s own religion, neat ay? I’m actaully not a listed Kameist. Mainly because I practice the dark rituals of the Wonky haha jk. If someone were to make a religion for Reina (well, she sorta already has one), I would imagine it to be a kind of underground thing…nothing evil, just sacred and sorta small (to start). Like my strange MSN title (name) says, pure bred Erien, Wonkyville resident. I can’t really choose a religion easily with how dedicated I am to the both of them lol. I do call myself a mild Kameist though. But if you know you’re a Kameist, JOIN!

Anyways, the 23rd is rolling around in 5 DAYS! Eri will be 19! I’ve been preparing for that special day– well I’m a graphic artist and I can make OPVs, so it’s not gonna be anything wow, wow. So far I’ve made two wallpapers, yes that sounds sorta stingey, but I worked very hard on these, here are previews:

They’re pretty dark, but I’ll try to make some brighter stuff. I’ll be making more wallpapers and an OPV. Everyone please look forward to that special day and wish Eri a happy birthday~!

So I was browsing youtube last night and dicovered two interesting videos (many actually, but I will save those for later) (Credits to uploader):

They’re such great ideas…humorous in ways haha. I can’t stop watching them. They’re so dramatic– especially the first one, but you can’t help but giggle at Reina riding away on that thing. The second one was perfect with Reina yelling Eri‘s name.

I’m going to make another Tanakamei OPV soon, perhaps in time for Eri‘s b-day.

Regarding Haromoni@ reviews; I’m being a lazy bum about writing them. If it’s not too late, I might try to catch up and post a few at a time. But regardless of a written review, the lastest Haromoni@ episodes are available for download in the Haromoni@ page. This week’s episode doesn’t appear to be featuring Reina nor Eri, so I will most likely not download it (I’m not made of hardrive space lol).

I felt like coloring in some stuff today ahaha….hope that didn’t get annoying cause I’m planning on doing this forever XD!!

In the words of my own f-ing self; if you ain’t got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you’re against anything I’m posting, pisss off. This blog was not created for haters. Does being a “total ass” mean anything to you? Uh, I’m guessing the answer is no. Go take a hike and while you’re at it, get some manners on the way.


~ by Revvie on December 18, 2007.

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