Hello! Morning 07.02.07 review-ISH (Tanakamei caps frenzy) / Happy Holidays!

So I was rewatching the 07/02 episode of Hello! Morning (I still miss that show) and decided to go crazy by taking caps of the show for all the Tanakamei goodness it had! I mean, they appeared next to each other– in physical contact (for more than 3secs) on that one show more than you see them like that in many other things combined. So this is a must *is a bit insane*. But before I start, I will say that I won’t be providing a download to this episode as my copy of it is too large…yes, I tried spliting it, but that was still ridiculous. Also, this is not a full review, as I’m doing this for Tanakamei purposes.

This episode starts off with the Zekkyou CM segment. Eri introduces the segment and notices that Reina and Risa are sitting around drawing The Evil Pink Bunny as it poses on the ground (and would not stop moving). She goes to join in *insert Risa commenting on Eri‘s drawing abilities*. This determines who will be riding the rollercoaster for that day.

Everything is well until–

Eri: “Reina, it’s not what you think!!”
Reina: “Save it, Eri! I saw everything– you and Niigaki-san!”
Risa: “Kame, no~! Come back to Me!”

Risa: “Ooo, ice cream truck!!”

Heheh, not. So really, Reina‘s drawing was shown, E.P. Bunny thought it was gross (it was actually the best one) and tossed it to the floor, leaving Reina quite angry. She ends up being the one to ride the featured scream machine.

Basically, the 2nd and 3rd caps are all she does through out the whole ride. This girl never runs out of breath while screaming her head off and it’s all in like one note! It wasn’t until the very end that she began to announce the new releases. Through out, Eri and Risa just laughs XD. Punishment for not completing the announcements is to make a weird face. It seems rather cute, than weird haha.
Next segment is the Pucchi Games…which I skipped haha.
Here comes the main segment. Unknown comedian show with a live audience (dunno the real name). There are three teams (Reina and Eri are one team, Kamei Team).

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Each team starts out with the same amount of moni (H!M’s money, points, etc.) that they get to use to bet on each comedian act. Well, it’s like an auction. A comedian (or duo) is introduced and the highest bidder out of the three teams will be able to see this act (other two teams must turn their backs and wear headphones). Bids are shown all at once, so it’s not a back and forth thing. The audience will be the ones to decide if the act is funny. At the end of the segment, teams who had “bought” the funniest act(s) will win. Hope I’m not being too confusing.
Both Reina and that dude (one of the hosts for the segment) are from Fukuoka. The way he asked her which part she was from was so hilarious XD.(Thumbnails)

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Winning their first act on the second round– but over bidding, Tanakamei realized they had made a mistake; they wearn’t very funny. Oh snap.

Second win was way over bidding for poor Tanakamei.

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They were fooled by the shouts of “Mitai mitai!” from the other teams as the comedian was introduced. What they thought would be tough competition turned out to be…not. In Reina’s own royal words, “Nani Kore Jyuu te?”.

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Eri: “We screwed up, didn’t we?”
Reina: “Yeah. Bad.”

So that guy didn’t even make it on to the top three list, leaving Tanakamei with yet another feeling of defeat. With 400 moni left, what do they decide to do for the next round?

GO ALL OUT– crash and burn XD. Funny how they’re the youngest team. They got owned by their senpais. Look at them huddled together in their “we’re down” position haha.
They’re just the cutest little pair, but with such bad luck. But it seems they had fun losing. Lotza laughs lol. Anyone who has it, rewatch it. Don’t have it? Hunt it down. You know, I spent hours looking for this episode for an OPV and didn’t realize I had it in a weird place. Too late now.
Today is the 25th~! It’s Christmas! I don’t really celebrate xmas, but it’s such a commercialized thing, you don’t really realize you’re celebrating it.
Dear Santy Clause,
bring me some more Tanakamei filled goodness in the near future!! (or else).Here are some downloads as a present:

Title: 7.5 Fuyu Fuyu Morning Musume. Mini!
Release Date: 12.13.06
01. Aruiteru
02. Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G
03. Yuki / Ai Anata > Suki
04. Samui kara Fuyu da mon! ~Doumokou mo Naissu yo Mikitty~
05. Kotatsu no Uta ~jyuken story~
Wa~ MERRY PIN X’mas!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
H!P Digital Photobook #37 [Tanaka Reina]
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
H!P Digital Photobook #38 [Kamei Eri]
Credits to limit for the digi PBs (re-uped by me)!1024×768
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


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  1. ^^ awesome tanakamei moments ^^ I’m gonna go re-watch this ep now! ty for the post

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