Still Kicken~!

I did so well with the nearly one entry a day thing– and then school starts haha. Anyways…

Must revive the Tanakamei Love~!

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Some cute Kimono pics for the new years! Reina‘s back with her purple~!! They both look lovely.

So the Hello! Project 2008 Winter ~Wonderful Hearts Nenjuu Mu Kyuu~ tour has begun. Just for reference sake, participants are: Morning Musume, C-ute and Berryz Koubou (and H!P eggs).

1. Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are / all
2. Renai Revolution 21 / all
3. LA LA LA Shiawase no Uta / all
4. Tokaikko Junjou / C-ute
5. Chance / Kusumi Koharu
6. Happy / Kusumi Koharu
7. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi / Berryz Koubou
8. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba / Berryz Koubou
9. Mikan / Morning Musume
10. Sexy Boy ~Soyo Kaze ni Yorisotte~ / Morning Musume
11. Odore! Morning Curry / Morning Musume
12. Renai Rider / Buono!
13. Seishun LOVE Lunch / Athena & Robbikerottsu
14. Robokiss / Michishige Sayumi, Sugaya Risako
15. Ai~n! Dance no Uta / Kamei Eri, Junjun, Sudou Maasa, Linlin
16. Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookizo~ / all
MC / Michishige Sayumi, Sudou Maasa, Umeda Erika
17. Everyday Everywhere / Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina
18. Everyday YEAH! Kataomoi / Shimizu Saki, Hagiwara Mai, Arihara Kanna
19. Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru / Umeda Erika, Yajima Maimi, Kumai Yurina, Tokunaga Chinami
20. Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger / Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Mitsui Aika, Tsugunaga Momoko, Sugaya Risako, Natsuyaki Miyabi
21. Meguru Koi no Kisetsu / ºC-ute
22. Omoidattara Kichi desse! / Berryz Koubou
23. Special Generation / Berryz Koubou & ºC-ute
24. Bon Kyu Bon Kyu BOMB GIRL / Morning Musume
25. Go Girl! Koi no Victory / Morning Musume
26. Hand made CITY / Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, ℃-ute
MC. Member introduction
27. Nanni mo iwazu ni I LOVE YOU / All

Not too bad of a setlist. After listening to the audio recording from the first day…hmm, well, I still don’t know how to rate it so far, just because I skipped through it haha. The highlight for me though, was 17. Everyday Everywhere, the Ai and Reina duet. It was so amazing. It wasn’t perfect (it was the first day, so can’t complain). I know Reina could of done better though (again, first day). It was a difficult song (lots and lots of high notes). Eri in Ai~n! Dance no Uta (15) sounded pretty cute, but for some moments, it was hard to tell people apart from each other. Am I the only one who likes LA LA LA Shiawase no Uta?

Takahashi Ai & Tanaka Reina – Everyday Everywhere (concert rip)
Download HERE!
[Credits to pazard @ JPM]

Hello! Project 2008 Winter ~Wonderful Hearts Nenjuu Mu Kyuu~ (audio)
Download HERE!
[Credits to lovemusic @ JPM]


Check out the colorful concert outfits!

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Another concert to look forward to (on DVD haha)! I really want to see the Ai & Reina duet in action.

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Free Image Hosting at
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Free Image Hosting at

I will leave you with a simple Eri wallpaper. Now I’m off~!

-EDIT #3- [01.16.08]
Okay, so it’s a concert. Not to be mean or anything, but that could of helped a lot. I didn’t know Wonderful Hearts and Elder Club had been spit from this Hello! Project 2008 Winter ~Kettei! Haro☆Pro Award ’08. The setlist for that last day at Yokohama Arena is not out yet.

~ by Revvie on January 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Still Kicken~!”

  1. Hi. Will these same songs, or most of them, be repeated at the H!P 2008 Awards Show at Yoohama Arena on Jan. 26-27? Thanx!

  2. aww pretty pics, why is it that when you think of reina in the first place you think of purple (well i do anyways) oh well she really suits it ^^
    And no your not the only one that likes LALALA shiawase no uta, after watching the kokuhaku performance and then it came to that song i was like, wow i like that song xD
    As for the concert i cant wait to see risako & sayumi do robokiss =D and where did you see the ai~n! performance, i really want to see that too! =D

  3. No, he means the Awards Show, not the Wonderful Hearts Tour

  4. Why doesn’t C-ute have any clothes on? don’t like them having on so little clothes when they have some of the youngest members.

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