Haromoni@ [01.06.08] Review + Download

Time for my review of this week’s episode of Haromoni@ (01.06.08), from a non Japanese speaking (tanakamei loving) viewer’s point of view. I know it’s not much help to anyone looking for a good translated summary of the show. But here are my two cents!

Firstly, WARNING: Long rows of un-thumbnailed caps up ahead! Whether it’s too messy or not, that will be up to you to decide for yourself.

This week’s episode was so hella funny (okay, it’s nearly 12am right now, so it won’t technically be “this week” anymore). Spending all day capping it was well worth it. Anyways, this is the first episode of Haromoni@ of the new year. For this special occasion, the girls are all dressed in beautiful yukatas (but are still wearing their cute animal ears).

This episode will revolve around manners (well, more like how to be a well mannered and polite lady during certain situations). The girls are divided into two teams.

A Team:
Mr. T, Ai, Reina, Sayumi, Aika, LinLin
B Team:
Risa, Eri, JunJun, Koharu

They will have a showdown in manners (I make no sense), where members from each team battle it out in certain “scenario” games. Winning team will get to eat the cake above (Cabbage-kun not included). Here to decide the winners of each game and to show us how each situation should be handled, is this lady:

(I feel so odd for watermarking that cap…)
I didn’t catch her name, so lets call her Oba-san.

Wanna be more proper? Grab your pen and paper, and get ready to take notes!!

Game #1:
Eat The Giant Hamburger~!
You’re on a date. The food on your plate is a giant burger, how will you eat it in a well mannered fashion?


#1: Aichan

Aichan basically just attacks the burger. I could not stop laughing. She was cute, but manners was hardly there. You can see Reina shouting to her from the mini monitor at the bottom of the screen like, “Aichan, it’s a date!!” But she didn’t seem to be listening. She totally spaced out on the object of the game because she had only remembered when Reina reminded her at the end. Aichan‘s great XD!!

#2: Eri

So Eri starts out with wiping her hands. Very nice, good start. And then she goes on to…ripping off two sides of the wrapper. Hey, whatever floats your boat, Eri bear~! She proceeds to take a bite– but thinks, “Wait a minute, this is way too big…” So what does she do?

Mini burger it is~! Everything she is doing might be a little overboard, but at least she tried. Eri is so silly, asking her imaginary boyfriend if her mouth was clean and all that (Reina was ready to pounce on that patch of thin Air, that Eri was sweet talking *cough*).

Eri‘s teammates’ reactions to her handle on this situation?

Gaki no likey~!

What does Oba-san think of the pair’s techniques?

Zero points to both, meaning neither team wins this round.

The proper way was actually just to unfold the wrapper, revealing half of the burger, press it down a bit and then just take small bites from it. There was no real secret or super special technique, you see people doing this at McDonald’s all the time. All Aichan had missed was the wrapper from her burger and the taking small bites part. If Eri had stuck with her original plan and didn’t go full throttle with her mini burger idea, I think she could of gotten some points. Mini burgers are too advance for earth, Eri.

Game #2:
You’re riding a subway train and a man boards. You notice his hair piece is offset, revealing that he is actually bald. How do you politely let him know of that? (I guess without actually telling him straight up).


#1: Sayu

Cabbage-kun is our “bald man” for this evening. This might possibly be the funniest part from this episode (it’s a must watch!). Sayu starts by playing with her own hair as a sort of hint to Cabbage-kun, but he doesn’t seem to get it. She then proceeds in dropping multiple hints by pointing out things that were falling or peeling. He still didn’t get it. And then this happens…

Oh yah. That’s right. It fell. Faced with this surprising situation, Sayu slickly brushes it behind him and act as though it had never happened. Wait till he gets off the train haha.

#2: Gakisan

Gakisan was very smart about this. She basically talks about hair with him and then I think she pretends to show him how he should style his hair, but secretly goes to fix his hair piece. And there, problem fixed! Cookie for Gaki!

Sayu was funny, but Gakisan got the job done. A point for B Team!

The proper way was actually just to pretend to fix your own hair until the man becomes conscious as well and goes for his own hair, then he will instantly realize it’s offset.

Game #3:
Eat The Corn On The Cob!
This is like the hamburger situation, but this time with corn on the cob.


#1: LinLin

LinLin‘s technique? Fork it and pick it. Hmm, not bad, but she will never make it to the second course. The fork part is polite, but then she uses her other hand XD…

#2: Koharu

Koharu‘s technique? We’re only human so eat like one. She just picks it up and starts chomping away. Not insanely, but that was her take on that situation. She tried putting her corn back onto the plate properly at the end, but because it had a chunk missing, it didn’t balance too well XD.

Proper way to eat this?

(I feel odd watermarking this cap aswell…but not as much as the Oba-san cap)
I totally knew it!

Koharu ate more of her corn (at least I think that was the reason), so B Team got the point.

Game #4:
Calm The Noisy Brats!
You’re on the subway train and there are noisy kids running around. How can you kindly make them sit still? (Or something of the sort)


#1: Reina

Reina starts by getting the little girl’s attention and telling her that…some mean Oji-san is going to be mad if they don’t calm down (something along that line). Doesn’t work. LOL @ Reina‘s frustrated expressions. Those kids are pretty darn weird for ignoring the kawaii onee-san with the cat ears! So they wanna play rough, huh…

“Look, you runts. If you don’t calm down, I’ll call the yakuza on yo lil tushies and have them *censored———*, got it? So shhh!”

Reina nee-san saikou! Okay, no XD (I mean yes, but no). She told them something about danger…probably like it’s dangerous fooling around on the train and they listened. She looks so cute huddled with them haha.

#2: JunJun

She looked so damn pissed (yet so cute). She basically just yelled at the kids and of course they didn’t listen.

A Team grabs the point this time!

The proper method was to tell the kids it’s dangerous running around like that (close enough I think).

Game #5:
Happy New Year Messages (?)
Write a proper message…thing…(gah, can’t help you here).


Aika wins that one, adding another point to A Team’s score. 2 – 2, time for the final game!

Game #6:
Make A Polite Phone Call!
You make a phone call to your boyfriend (Cabbage-kun) and his mother picks up. How do you properly deal with it?


#1: Reina

Reina is just plain Reina XD. Without even having to understand what she is saying, you can tell by her tone that it’s not too proper. After the call ends, she goes on to calling the mother, “Ganko” which means stubborn haha.

#2: Gakisan

Gakisan was polite and kind. She got all of the needed points to pass this one~!

Oba-san began her views on Reina‘s take for that situation by calling her cute (and then I totally did not get the rest). Aw, just look at her! She so is! Cutest little face and beautiful smile. Anyways…results…(though it’s obvious)…




Aichan and Reina looks perdy upset XD.

(I Apologize for the length of this)

Next Week:

MouTube say what?! O_o…

I give this episode a 4.9/5! (would of given this a perfect score if the show wasn’t so short causing parts to be cut (Reina vs. JunJun is an example).)

DOWNLOAD Haromoni@ (01.06.08)

~ by Revvie on January 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Haromoni@ [01.06.08] Review + Download”

  1. awww reina is sooo cute!! ^^
    especially with them kids xD

  2. “This week’s episode was so HELLA funny”
    lol. ill never understand wat u NorCal peeps were thinking when u came up with that word.

    On a more positive note,
    Ur blog is uber entertaining to read.

    Tanaka FTW

  3. can you upload this again? pls…

  4. i love you ERI!!!

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