Know what’s hypnotizing?

I can stare at that all day, for real!

I actually made that gif sometime back and thought, since there’s really nothing new to post, I’ll share it. Sometimes I’m not sure if I should concentrate on her awsome pen spinning powers, her or that mesmerizing smile at the end.

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Not sure if it’s still around, I’ve never managed to “refresh” into it, but someone made a banner out of that fan art for Hello!Online. No, I’m not angry at all, I was actually just surprised and found it funny.

Free Image Hosting at

I wish I was in a creative and patient mood again, so I can draw more of these weird things. I don’t have a drawing pad or anything like that and when it comes to drawing with a mouse, I have too left hands. So the fan arts above were my first two and still most recent (well, there’s a Reina one, but I dislike it a lot) all digital drawings. Took me so long…and it’s as detailed as I could go.

Are my entries getting shorter and shorter or what? But I wanted to mention that I’m in the process of writing a review for the recent Haromoni@, but the episode is already up for download in the HM@ page.

Regarding fics, I think I’m pretty sure I will start posting one shots soon.

This was definitely a filler post…


~ by Revvie on January 15, 2008.

One Response to “Know what’s hypnotizing?”

  1. You know what? Actually it was me who made that banner :P. I’m sorry for not giving you credit for it, but when I found it just didn’t know who to give the credit to. Anyway the banner isn’t around anymore, it was just around during New Year’s.

    Looking forward to your next fic! ^_^

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