Haromoni@ [01.13.08] Review + Download

Time for my review of this week’s the recent episode of Haromoni@ (01.13.08), from a non Japanese speaking (tanakamei loving) viewer’s point of view. I know it’s not much help to anyone looking for a good translated summary of the show. But here are my two cents!

Well, better late than never (and I made it before the next ep~!). So basically, this episode featured a new MouTube segment, which took up the whole show. Members pick videos that sound interesting, uploaded by people onto MouTube and watch them. At the end, they pick the most interesting one and I guess they win? Doesn’t look like they win anything, but anyways. MOUTUBE~!

Video #1: 2 Girls 1 Cup haha jk XD
Video #1: Nun chuck master~~!

With his first demonstration, this guy uses a nun chuck like weapon with knife like things at the end of them (I’m so bad with weapon names). He begins to whip it around himself and all that fancy jazz, which explains while the girls are freaken out. Check out Reina haha. The LinLin and JunJun cap is priceless.

Video #2: Music To My Ears (*cough*bad joke*cough*)

So the lady “plays” her earlobes…like some sort of click-clack instrument. She then sings along with the beat haha. The girls are like, “wtf?!”. I mean you don’t ever watch a video expecting someone’s earlobes to make sounds o_o. Eri ain’t having none of it, saying it’s fake.

Video #3: Doggy Trick

Cute doggy appears, the girls squeal about its cuteness, as it puts on a baseball jersey. Its trick was to run and slide into a base (well, I’m not sure about the sliding cause I wasn’t really paying attention). Some of the members find it cute, but there were mostly “What? That’s it?” reactions going around.

Video #4: Attack Of The Demonic Electric Shaver

This one was actually pretty entertaining and was my favorite. The guy pretends to be using an electric shaver (making all the sounds and everything), but then it attacks! So the whole thing was like a skit about that, it was great.

Video #5: Edible Flute (Wth is it really?)
Video #6: Super Tosser

The guy plays a SMAP song with…that thing. I thought it was pretty fake. The video after that, had a guy who could toss those large rolls of stuff really high up into the air and stock them. They cut this part out (I guess), but Sayu tried holding up one of those things:

Looks heavy XD!

Gaki-san Time!: Tada~!

Damn, Gaki, damn o_o!! Haha, I guess it creeps Eri out.

Looks even more intense from that angle. Okay, so everything is going well, everyone is trying it and then you hear this cruel CRACK (like in action movies when you break someone’s neck). In the last cap, you can see Reina basically saying it snapped! Yes, the eye twitching sound came from our Wonky Goddess. Ouchies! But thank you Gaki, for that beautiful demonstration (no sarcasm).

Video #7: Weirdness…
Video #8: Break Dancers

The pair of dudes’ thing was short, it was kinda fun. Break dancers were good, but not amazing. They had someone from each age group, I think. The last guy, whom Aka-chin and the girls referred to as “Otou-san” cause he was the oldest, did okay and then sorta just slopped it up at the end XD.

They’re laughing at him now haha. I feel bad for him.

Video #9: JunJun & LinLin (Ehh, what do we have here?!)

Not exactly sure what their video was about, but they sure are silly~~! The members’ “dot dot dot” reaction was priceless. And so was the pair’s cheer for themselves.

Sayu Time!: Yoshi (Super Mario Bros.) Impression~!

Oooo…cold XD! Sorry Sayu!

Video #10: One Of A Kind Violinist
Video #11: Fridge Man!

It was pretty fun to see the man play his violin with scallions haha. Then comes guy dressed up as a fridge. Starts telling “cold” jokes (haha…ha). Who’s the only one cracking up…XD?

Video #12: Karate Kid

Basically he broke a bat. I give him a thumbs up. I mean, he was in pain from it. Strong kid.

Eri Time!: Mimizu no Taisou

Caps do not do it justice, so here’s a gif!

(credits to Eri uploader)
Lets do it together! Mimizu no Taisou ichi nii san shi nii nii san shi (and repeat).

That was strangely adorable. Eri <3!

Video #13: Man Of Many Faces 

I skipped it. He creeped me out.

Well, that was the last video for this episode, so now it’s time to decide to winner.

And the winner is; Attack Of The Demonic Electric Shaver! Just to make it completely clear, I made up all of the names for each video.

Before the show ends:

Aichan Time!: Impersonations!

Ah, poor Aichan. She did two different voices, but to everyone else, they both sounded awfully similar, so they teased her about it.

So that’s basically all for this episode. This week, there will be more MouTube and some food segment with a guest. Hopefully Reina will show us some strange talent she possesses.

 I give this episode a 3.5/5. Entertaining, but not enough Morning Musume!

DOWNLOAD Haromoni@ (01.13.08)


~ by Revvie on January 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Haromoni@ [01.13.08] Review + Download”

  1. This looks like so much fun! 😀 Thanks for the upload!! Btw… I read this yesterday, did you change your rating? ^^

  2. OHOHOH. I’ve seen that flute-thing before. It’s a fish flute. You can eat it, but it’s like made in Korea and someone decided to make a flute out of it so now it’s like… a fish bread flute thing. 8D

  3. let me download this pls…
    thank you…

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