What’s up?

Morning Musume’s 36th single due for a 3/5 release has been pushed back to 4/16!


Well, at least this isn’t as sad as how both Biyuuden and Matsuura Aya’s new singles were postponed (canceled, however you want to put it).

In other news, the 1.13.08 episode of Haromoni@ had reached under the 1.0% mark in terms of ratings. J-cast wrote an article related to it. It’s basically talking about how sad the rating is and MM’s waning popularity. Haromoni@ might also be coming to an end as there will be a new show featuring Berryz Koubou, C-ute and H!P Eggs (starting in the spring). Does this mean an end to MM? Lets not think about that, shall we?

Here’s a some good news. Reina‘s “Tanaka Reina PB Complete Works” is up for pre-ordering on Yesasia~! SUPPORT, SUPPORT!! I’ll be grabbing my copy sometime. Funny how they have it listed for release on the 2/20, when it’s really the 2/27…or maybe it is the 2/20? Oh well, we’ll see.

We need some images to liven this entry up…

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Awsome pics (few of many) from the recent Wonderful Hearts concert. I cannot wait to see this concert when it comes out on DVD! Speaking of this concert though, here’s the mic recording to Reina and Aichan‘s Everyday Everywhere duet (their parts are separated so that you hear Aichan on the left and Reina on the right (speakers)).


It’s not the best quality, but it really brings it to a whole new level of amazing. Besides Aichan‘s obvious amazing vocals, Reina blew me away. I’ve listened to recordings from later dates and you can hear improvements.

Remember how I was talking about posting fics? Well I will be doing that soon, but I just wanted to share a trailer I had made for one of them recently.

That was made for my fic, “INDIGO BLUE LOVE”, the sequel to another fic, “Hitori Janai”. Both of which are a Tanakamei centered fics (IBL also stars Risa). Unless there are actually some people interested, I won’t be posting any of those fics here. You can find IBL at JPH!P though. Here’s a cover I made for one of my other ongoing fics, “Goddess Of Fire”.

You can find that at JPH!P aswell. The type of fics I will be posting here, are most likely going to be along the lines of one shots. I will make a new page just for them. I want to note that, I’m not the best writer, but I can get by (so don’t expect anything extraordinary). Yes, I’m Tanakamei obsessed, but what do you expect from someone who made a blog dedicated to the pair, hmm? It’s a strange “hobbie”, but I’m a very dedicated person (to things I’m interested in lol).

Feel free to ask questions or comment. I wish there was a proper way for me to reply to comments. Anyways, I’m out!

~ by Revvie on January 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “What’s up?”

  1. The single is pushed back. =(
    I can’t take it anymore!
    They should at least release the title for crying out loud!

    Wow. I don’t read fics but after seeing that (amazing) video for IBL I might just want to read that one! 8D

  2. Oh my, that cover is amazing!

  3. Avesome cover! :DDD

  4. Awesome entry as always, Maki!
    Also, thanks for the Ai and Reina song, I never heard it before!
    Your artwork look cool, Eri looks a bit scary though with those green eyes, lol.

  5. It’s nice to see you have you new blog up. I never knew the link until I noticed it on SF’s page. It’s great you’re still keeping this going as well as reviewing Hello Morning! Ganbatte!

  6. Wow!
    Lovely new layout. =)

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