Late News Update~!

Long time no update, huh? With school, work and everything on the side, I’ve actually been pretty unproductive at nearly all the forums and sites that I visit. I’ll try to be more active, but if I “die” again, blame one of the three reasons above.


Here are some updates on releases (that most of you probably know about, so I’m doing this simply as a reference).

[2/27] Tanaka Reina PB Complete Works: Re: (Return)
Preorder: Yesasia

[4/03] Kamei Eri PB Complete Works: Untitled

[4/16] Morning Musume’s 36th single: Resonant Blue
Preorder: Yesasia | Cdjapan | Amazon

That’s a pretty neat title for Reina‘s PB! And I know at least one person have heard me say this…but I KNEW Eri was going to release something after Reina. Tanakamei is out to get me– in a very awsome way. I’m going to be so broke, but I’m very excited~! Isn’t it about time some previews turn up for Re: (Return)? At least a tiny preview of the cover? I’m gonna expect something to turn up in the next week.

So finally, a title for MM’s single. The sound is supposedly going to lean towards something like Egao YES Nude. I really liked that single, so I’m looking forward to this.

To everyone who have been visiting the Haromoni@ page, though I’m missing from time to time, I do update that page every week with a new ep (and sometimes reupload expired links).

I would like to thank people who have been linking back to this blog, very much appreciated! I’ve also been linking everyone back (the ones I know of). Feel free to drop a comment if you’d like me to link your blog (site, forum, etc).

This is all for now. The next entry will be a review on MM’s fall concert!!

~ by Revvie on February 18, 2008.

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