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Added 03.22.08
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Firstly, I’d like to say, sexy, sexy dark PV! Aichan and Reina both looked so beautiful…everyone else as well, from what I was able to see *cough*. Which leads to my complaints. I love the darkness, but too dark. You might of gotten a one second glimpse at everyone in the back. Aichan and Reina were wearing a good balance of white, and black for a reason. To stand out (and Koharu‘s got some white on her as well). But everyone else, you couldn’t even see their clothes…which was such a shame cause it appeared to be pretty hawt. I really did enjoy watching that PV though. The dance was great, everyone looked great (I’m just gonna assume) and all that, but I wish there was more. Cause this was just a level above dance shot version. I’m pretty sure there are alternate versions of this in the limited A & B versions of the single. I’m so tempted to buy both now. Near the end of the PV when Sayu came in with her “Help me!!” it cut to a close up shot of her…might I say the clearest shot out of everyone else in the whole entire PV? She just had to have her ichiban kawaii moment~~.

I spent quite a long time looking at (and for) Eri. I brightened that cap to make her sexiness come out more haha. She looks so amazing. And Reina…sexy…death…sexy…glare….death…!!

You know what? They probably sucked the blood out of the entire production crew (via nose bleeds and/or a little neck snack…little vampires), forcing them to film and edit the PV themselves jk. I would not be surprised with how seemingly effortless this turned out to be. The girls are working hard, but the PV is not really giving them justice.


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This single deserves to sell well. UFA better know what they’re doing.

~ by Revvie on March 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “RESONANT BLUE PV~~!”

  1. I loved this PV though its a shame about the lack of 8th gen.

    I’m definatley ordering this when more information comes out about the DVDs but I have a feeling I’ll end up ordering both in anyways 😛

    Ah well It deserves to sell well. XD

  2. I LOVE THE PV! *squee*

  3. I ended up buying both limited editions because I couldn’t decided which one.

  4. Yes…
    i love this single too…
    the PV is good but too lach of 8th gen..
    and yes… i also end up buying both LE…

  5. I think the song is awesome
    too bad the lies are not really divided and that there are no clse-up shots. Those are always my favorites T_T

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