Resonant Blue PV (Another ver.) + “ERI” stuff…

Seems like the PV included with the LE A of the single has been leaked.

This proves that UFA CAN produce high quality PVs…well, elements of a high quality PV. They’ve got all the right stuff, but it just doesn’t really match the song. It would of been better if they just didn’t include footage from the other PV. Keeping it strictly sorta behind the scene and like shots of the girls going about in their “everyday lives” would of been great (also, try watching this with a mid tempo R&B ballad playing over it instead). Other than all that, wow everyone looked great. They should make a MM drama (it totally seemed like that was gonna happen when I first saw Reina walking). Speaking of Reina, she was so cute with that last shot of her smiling and then turning around to walk away. Eri, can’t forget her! She looked damn good with a hat. I’m just so loving this version of the PV, but at the same time I’m getting a headache from the little off points. They’re almost there…almost. The next PV will be better if they keep this up! Looking forward to the other versions (from the Single V and LE B).

So lovely. Eri is a goddess (course many of you already know that). Looking through this starting from her 1st photobook to the new shots, really showed how much she has grown. I would say to my friend, “You know she’s turning 20 this year, right?” Feels like it was only yesterday that she was 16. I thought she was beautiful then, now she’s a word that haven’t even been invented yet. Ha…wish I had the money for Reina‘s Re:(Return).

Okay, did you think I was gonna be selfish and just post a pic of myself holding the lovely treasure without sharing SOMETHING (at least) haha? I made a few decent-ish scans to share with you all (I have a crappy scanner and I’m not used to scanning photobooks, plus a slow comp). Lets hope a kind soul will scan the whole thing pretty soon (same with Re:(Return) *cough*).(Thumbnails)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at 

Yeah, no “sekushii” shots, but ENJOY!

~ by Revvie on April 13, 2008.

One Response to “Resonant Blue PV (Another ver.) + “ERI” stuff…”

  1. Re: Return -photobook is amazing! You absolutely should get it 🙂

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