Tanaka Reina “Very Reina” PB Previews + Pepper Keibu EVENT V + Others


Release Date: 10/24/08
Purchase: Yesasia

Tell me that isn’t just the greatest mixture of cute, sexy and cool. Reina + Goth lolita = ❤ ❤ ❤!!! Not too sure about the…presstogetherofthechestarea part. So far so good! I am so looking forward to this photobook. I am actually going to order a copy right now and you should too (well, if you get a chance to)! My wallet hates me with a passion haha. Oh, just to let people know (I had just paid for my order), yesasia is slow (really obnoxiously slow). So if you’ve got quicker ways of getting it, go for it.

– – – – – – –


(Click titles to download)
1. Pepper Keibu (Another Ver.)
2. Pepper Keibu (Takahashi, Kamei, LinLin Close Up Ver.)
3. Pepper Keibu (Niigaki, Kusumi, Mitsui Close Up Ver.)
4. Pepper Keibu (Michishige, Tanaka, JunJun Close Up Ver.)

Credits: H!O Tracker
(Note: After I had finished uploading, I realized that I might not be allowed to reupload these files. If that is the case, let me know (nicely) and I will take them down.)

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Stuff that came in the mail recently…

Morning Musume 2009 calendar. Very lovely~! Bigger than what I had imagined…but I’m not complaining. One of the main reasons why I bought it, was for the two small Tanakamei pics on the “November and December” page. Yes, you can say that’s weird and perhaps pointless, but overall it’s a good calendar to have. I love how they made it “collectors friendly”. By that, I mean the pages detach quite easily (it appears) when you go to switch months, that way you’ll end up with many posters~! Not that I need anymore posters with the direction I’m heading. The second copy will be used to whack anyone in the face who tries to steal the first copy. No, I’m kidding…it’s someone’s xmas/b-day present. But I bet it would work!

(Ai, blank, ReinAi, 07 Tanaka (Reina Tanaka), Tanakamei)

I had some cute little custom buttons made. They’re each 1inch buttons, so they’re definitely blown up in that pic. The blank one in the middle is actually not blank, but I decided it was best to cover it up to avoid copyright problems (or whatever). I have 10 of each (50 total). Not sure what I will do with them, right now I just put them on everything I wear haha! Perhaps I will give them out in the future if people are interested? But definitely not like, “Hey, have this” for no reason. Oh well, we’ll see. They’re shockingly well done for such a low price, yay bargins (I’m a cheap-o)!

Well, keep the Tanakamei love alive! OTSUKAREINA~~!! *Ahem* yeah…I won’t do that again.

~ by Revvie on October 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tanaka Reina “Very Reina” PB Previews + Pepper Keibu EVENT V + Others”

    She’s so adorable~!

    I want the calender too, but I have no money. TT_TT

    Great pins~!

  2. Whoot! Reina looks good as usual!
    Those are really awesome button! I wanna steal some! I mean…have some. =P

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