Blog Created On: November 29th, 2007


~Tanakamei forever~ 

6 Responses to “About”

  1. heyy 🙂 thanks for linking me .. ive linked you too 😀
    I love your blog! keep up the great work with the posts =D

  2. thanks 4 linking me 😀

  3. Great blog you have here!
    Thanks for linking to Long Live Kameism! I’ll put a link to your blog on the affiliates page on LLK tomorrow 😀

  4. heyy!
    you know how my blog got shut down? Would you be able to link my forum insted? ^^ I’ve just created it as i wanted a change from a blog xD Also join if you wish, i have no members at the minuite haha xD


  5. Hi,if you’re interested in exchanging links then please contact the me here; http://www.musume-central.com

  6. Hey~

    I really hope you continue ur work in both fics and artwork,
    Your fics were the 1st ones i’ve read and i really enjoy them! you really got the emotion across just like in Hitori Janai and IBL. I hope you don’t mind me linking you to. ^^

    You’ll always have my support~ and Ganbare~~


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