Cinderella the Musical Special Unit: High-King

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(Left to right):
Top: Maeda Yuuka, Yajima Maimi, Shimizu Saki
Bottom: Tanaka Reina, Takahashi Ai
Pic #2 (thumbnail):
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I’m sure most of you already know about the upcoming Cinderella musical (another collab with Takarazuka, like Ribbon no Kishi, but this time just with MM). Well, High-King is a unit created to promote said musical (this was announced some time ago, but I was being a bum about posting info). Here’s some basic info about their single:

Title: C/C (Cinderella/Complex)
1. C/C (Cinderella/Complex)
2. Kioku no Meiro
3. C/C (Cinderella/Complex) Instrumental
Source: Here

Cdjapan: Regular | Limited

Just take a moment to look at the outfits (everyone looks very cool and gorgeous btw). I’m gonna put my money on this not being a ballad (talking about C/C). Slowish R&B, maybe. Well, according to Tsunku, members were chosen due to their abilities to be able to dance to R&B style tunes (other than being good singers). Also mentioned that having a sense of rhythm was very important. Lets just hope for a catchy upbeat song with kick ass choreography.

On another note, Ai-chan will be playing the role of Cinderella (darn, I was hoping she’d be the prince). And it appears that Reina will get the role of one of the evil step sisters (, I mean that’s her name)), though I’m not quite sure. I was actually hoping that Reina would be Cindy and Eri would be the prince . But realistically of course, I knew Ai-chan would get one of the lead roles. Now I’m hoping either Gaki or Eri will land the role of the prince. Gaki would be a better match for Ai-chan. Maybe Eri will become the other evil step sister, but it’s more likely that Sayu would get the role. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Looks like I haven’t posted in a while. Been running around a lot and wasn’t sure what to post, and such. For those who visit/visited my fic journal, things are slowly being updated. And I thank those who checked it out! Ah, speaking of fics though, I made a new trailer for one of my fics (INDIGO BLUE LOVE):

(Music from Taiwanese film, “Spider Lilies”. Lovely movie, check it out!)

Anyways, hope to post more often in the near future (gotta show my TK love). I’m out~!


Resonant Blue Single + PVs Download

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1. Resonant Blue
2. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
3. Resonant Blue (Instrumental)


RESONANT BLUE PV (Lesson Studio Ver.)


Resonant Blue PV (Another ver.) + “ERI” stuff…

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Seems like the PV included with the LE A of the single has been leaked.

This proves that UFA CAN produce high quality PVs…well, elements of a high quality PV. They’ve got all the right stuff, but it just doesn’t really match the song. It would of been better if they just didn’t include footage from the other PV. Keeping it strictly sorta behind the scene and like shots of the girls going about in their “everyday lives” would of been great (also, try watching this with a mid tempo R&B ballad playing over it instead). Other than all that, wow everyone looked great. They should make a MM drama (it totally seemed like that was gonna happen when I first saw Reina walking). Speaking of Reina, she was so cute with that last shot of her smiling and then turning around to walk away. Eri, can’t forget her! She looked damn good with a hat. I’m just so loving this version of the PV, but at the same time I’m getting a headache from the little off points. They’re almost there…almost. The next PV will be better if they keep this up! Looking forward to the other versions (from the Single V and LE B).

So lovely. Eri is a goddess (course many of you already know that). Looking through this starting from her 1st photobook to the new shots, really showed how much she has grown. I would say to my friend, “You know she’s turning 20 this year, right?” Feels like it was only yesterday that she was 16. I thought she was beautiful then, now she’s a word that haven’t even been invented yet. Ha…wish I had the money for Reina‘s Re:(Return).

Okay, did you think I was gonna be selfish and just post a pic of myself holding the lovely treasure without sharing SOMETHING (at least) haha? I made a few decent-ish scans to share with you all (I have a crappy scanner and I’m not used to scanning photobooks, plus a slow comp). Lets hope a kind soul will scan the whole thing pretty soon (same with Re:(Return) *cough*).(Thumbnails)

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Yeah, no “sekushii” shots, but ENJOY!


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Previews from the lovely PB! So, so, so glad I had pre-ordered yesterday! She’s incredibly beautiful in those shots. I can’t wait until this arrives (which is hopefully on the day I get back from Memphis…yes, I’m going to Memphis for a couple of days…meaning no updates -_-)!



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Pre-order: Yesasia |

A little late and I know most people have seen it already…especially if you visit JPM *coughs*insane quoting*coughs* haha. But anyways, isn’t she gorgeous?! Very natural cover imo and mature as well. Cannot wait for more previews! Waiting a day or two until I order my copy and I definitely will. Support Eri if you can~~!!

Now, I’d like to present to you all…a gift from Airi (owner of the lovely Reina fanlisting) of

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Lovely Resonant Blue fanart of Tanakamei. I was so happy when I saw it~! So beautiful ^_^! Thank you so much, Airi!

Lastly, I’d like to let people know that I had finished setting up my fic journal (Real Fictional Truth, there’s a link under blogs as well), and it’s now more up to date. I’m gradually adding fics (I’ve written a ton of stuff that I had never added to that journal). Once everything is updated to the present time, I will begin informing people of new updates whenever I add something new.

Resonant Blue Covers + More…

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Left to right (thumbnails): regular edition, limited A edition, limited B edition

Pre-order: Regular, Limited A, Limited B

I’m ordering limited A because it includes the “Another Version” of the PV…I guess it’s like how The Mapower was, where the ultra cheap version was aired and the good version was on DVD. I like the cover for limited B the most out of the three though. The DVD for that edition comes with the “Lesson Studio Version” of the PV…whatever that might mean o_O. Okay, here’s something fun that someone had discovered…check out the cover of the regular edition. Notice the line, “Produced by Tsunku” is followed by a “?” after Tsunku, instead of the usual ♂ (male symbol). Oh geez, that cracked me up. Gotta add that to the list of “greatest typos ever”.

Made a wallpaper from the covers and individual members pics.

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I wish those individual pics were larger…Eri looks AMAZING! I mean everyone does, but just look at her. Speaking of Eri, don’t forget to order her PB collection, “Eri” releasing the 3rd of April. Sad news for me, I had to help my brother out with some online purchases (as well as something unexpected for myself). I now do not have enough money to purchase both “Eri” and “Re:return” (which really needs to be scanned in the next…before I die would be nice lol). So I’ve decided to go with Eri‘s PB. Both “Alo Hello! Tanaka Reina” and “GIRL” released just before the release of “Love Hello! Kamei Eri in Phuket” and, “MAPLE”. When I had purchased Reina‘s PB, I couldn’t get Eri‘s. So this time it’s only fair.

Remember when I posted the concert rip of Reina and Aichan‘s duet of “Everyday Everywhere” (from the H!P ’08 winter concert)? Here’s the performance!!

Awsome, amazing performance from both! No doubt a bit shaky, but pretty darn good for live. Imagine if they took some time to record this in the studio! Definitely looking forward to an HQ version of this~!

Was in the mood to make more Haromoni@ icons:



Tanaka Deka and TK in suits FTW! Eri‘s sad expressions melts my heart ;_;!

Something just hit me and I remembered about the whole posting fics thing. I’m trying to figure out how I can go about posting them. I think I might just start updating my fic journal again and just post a link to that…sounds good?

Ha, almost forgot (damn this post is a mess o_o)! Drawings!

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Drawn with a regular mechanical pencil, scanned and colored (as well as I could) in PSP. Wahaha? Ah, I tried lol.

Anyways, I think I’m done now. Next time I will try to not be so messy with my posts.

G-Television Magazine Scans + DVD and more…

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G-Television Magazine: Morning Musume In PJs (Incomplete)
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G The Television DVD Vol.10 ft. Morning Musume
Download HERE! (Re-uploaded 5/13)

Caps (Tanakamei ):

I thought this was too cute so I had to share~~!! The scans are incomplete though (also some of them are LQ and some are HQ). I’m on the look out for bigger scans though (especially the TK one). The DVD is basically like the making of, of the photo shoot. Enjoy!

Sharing some graphics:

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Haromoni@ Icons:

Guess that’s it for today. Until next time haha~!